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Fine 'n Yellow
Mp3 album 320Kbps
with booklet
£7.99 zip file
Fine 'n Yellow
16 bit CD quality
Flac album
with booklet
£8.99 zip file
Fine 'n Yellow
Kate Westbrook, Mike Westbrook, Chris Biscoe, Pete Whyman
Steve Berry, Jon Hiseman
text: Kate Westbrook
music: Mike Westbrook
If you are unfamiliar with making a CD using Flac files we would suggest using the free CD burning software "ImgBurn".
Alternatively you may need to convert the FLAC files to WAV and then use ImgBurn. You could use the free FRE:AC software
to convert the files. Here is a brief guide on how to use it:
First you need to adjust a couple of settings. Go to Options/General Settings. In the Encoder drop down list select “Windows Wave File Output”.  Keep Output folder at the “Use input file folder if possible” as this will ensure your new WAV files will be in the same folder as the FLAC originals.

In “Filename Pattern” change  to "<track> - <artist > - <title>" to be sure that tracks are numbered and can be burned to CD in the right order. Then click the "OK" button at the bottom right.

Select files to be converted using File/Add. Navigate to the folder containing the FLAC files and add them.  Click on the forward arrow icon (third from right - it turns green when you hover over it) and that will start the conversion.  Once converted to WAV use your favourite software to burn the discs.

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Kate and Mike Westbrook