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Heribert Leuchter
Kate Westbrook
01. Grundklang
02. Hymnus
03. Formel II
04. Formel I
05. Atem
06. Litanei
07. Tableau I
08. Doch Ich Weiss
09. Perpetuum
10. Dong
11. Mysterium
12. Motiv Und Formel
13. Duft Der Erde
14. Neigung Zur Liebe
15. Tanz
16. Tableau V
17. Hymnus Reprise
18. Choral
Lux - Orchester
Kate Westbrook voice
Heribert Leuchter saxophone
Karl Farrent trumpet
Christoph Titz trumpet
Kurk van Herck saxophone
Marc Godfroid trombone
Manfred Leuchter accordion
Gero Körner hammond organ
Jürgen Sturm guitar
Arup Sen Gupta tablas
Stefan Kremer drums
Lothar Galle-Merkel bass
music composed and directed by Heribert Leuchter
Egyptian from the time of Ramses 1X    Paul Celan    Rabiah Al-Adawiyya   
Bhavagad Gita    Oscar Wilde    Rose Ausländer    Suleman Taufiq   
Matthias Claudius
texts selected, arranged and translated by
Heribert Leuchter and Kate Westbrook
catalogue number LUXMM25
commissioned by Jan Hellwig artistic director of the Christus Pavillon

recorded live at Christus Pavillon Expo 2000 Hannover October 26/27, 2000
engineer Jürgen Müller

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Heribert Leuchter’s KlangWeltReligion - (Sound of World Religion) was commissioned for the Expo 2000 world fair in Hannover. Performed with Kate Westbrook as soloist by the Aachen-based Lux Orchester, the piece was featured regularly throughout the six months of the Expo. Concerts took place in the innovative marble, glass and steel Christus Pavillon, a multi-faith space in the centre of the Expo site. Described as ‘a lyrical-musical collage for voice and jazz orchestra’, KlangWeltReligion includes settings of Ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Sufi texts and of the poetry of Rose Ausländer, Paul Celan, Matthias Claudius and Oscar Wilde. The concluding concerts, on October 26th and 27th October were recorded live. Released by Luxuries Records KlangWeltReligion is available on CD for the first time.