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40 Years Lux Orchester
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Jazz De Luxe
40 Years Lux Orchester

Heribert Leuchter
with guest
Kate Westbrook
01. Selfish Splendid
02. Notariesso No Perto
03. Dill Emma
04. BlueXX-Der Bote
05. Cerf Volant
06. Doch ich Weiss
07. Traffic Lights
08. Arie Seira/Gut it in my soul
09. Perpetuum
10. Sprache
11. Quit the Drift
12. Hymnus
Lux - Orchester
Kate Westbrook voice
Heribert Leuchter saxophone
Matthias Haus - vibraphone
Karl Farrent trumpet
Kurk van Herck saxophone
Marc Godfroid trombone
Heinz Hox accordion
Gero Körner Keyboards
Jürgen Sturm guitar
Stefan Kremer drums
Roland Peil - percussion
Stefan Rademacher bass
40 years of the LUX Orchestra:
Kate Westbrook guests on seven tracks on composer Heribert Leuchter’s latest album, recorded live in Aachen in October 2022. To a capacity crowd in the opera house the Lux Orchester presented a dazzling programme of musical highlights from its 40 year career, with Kate performing in German, French and English. Heribert’s masterly arrangements for the 12-piece ensemble allow plenty of space for his chosen soloists, notably Karl Farrant (trumpet), Kurt van Herck (saxophone), Marc Godfroid (trombone), Stefan Kremer (drums),Gero Körner (keyboards), Jürgen Sturm (guitar) and Stefan Rademacher (bass).
Lux Orchester with Kate Westbrook
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