Kate Westbrook
Heribert Leuchter Trio featuring Kate Westbrook

Heribert Leuchter Trio
Kate Westbrook
Music: Heribert Leuchter
Heribert Leuchter - Saxophone
Gero Koerner - Hammond Organ
Stefan Kramer - Percussion
featuring Kate Westbrook - voice (tracks 2, 3, 8, 9)
All music by: Heribert Leuchter.
Text: 2. trad/Kate Westbrook; 3 & 8. Kate Westbrook;
9. Oscar Wilde adaptation: Kate Westbrook

Working in the German and international jazz scene, gives rise to a desire to enrich the music with the involvement of outside forces. Such is the case with Kate Westbrook and ‘Reset’.
Kate is a multitalented artist, - author of song lyrics, librettist and painter. As a singer Kate's astounds with her diversity in contemporary music, opera and music hall as well as jazz and pop. To name but a few there are Brecht/Weill's "The Seven Deadly Sins" with the London Symphony Orchestra, arias by Rossini at the Proms and Beatles' songs with the Mike Westbrook Orchestra in Off Abbey Road. Kate Westbrook is active in numerous ‘live’ projects and has made a considerable number of albums.
I consider myself fortunate to have had Kate at my side for many years as an inspirational co-writer, a significant fellow musician on stage, and now, as guest vocalist with the Heribert Leuchter Trio in ‘Reset’.
Heribert Leuchter

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With RESET the Heribert Leuchter Trio presents an album which from the first bars carries the listener off on a journey. The music stirs emotions, quickens, and then steps back and allows room for the sonorities.

As special guest the internationally renowned vocalist Kate Westbrook joins the Trio on four of the twelve tracks.
‘Reset’ ,- the album might also have been titled ‘Fresh Start’, ‘Focus’ or ‘Backwards Forward’! Heribert Leuchter takes stock - and creates anew. He stands at the heart of his new Trio and yet, with his saxophone, he blends in with the band. The personality of the musician, reticent yet charismatic, is reflected in his music, which comfortably fills space without crowding it.

The music of Heribert Leuchter doesn't strive for attention with novelty and extravagance. It has been written for those who like to be seduced by pleasant sounds, those who savour the warm presence of a saxophone, of melting hammond organ and cool percussion. This music satisfies and yet makes one hungry for more.
Monika Schneiders - Radio-und Fernsehautorin, Musikredakteurin.

Thanks to Frank Eichler for his help with the translation of these texts.
Kate Westbrook Recordings
1. Dill Emma
2. Waters deep and wide
3. Darling Little ZEE
4. Diese ewigen Jagd-Gründe
5. Bel y est triste
6. Con Leggerezza
7. Johnny C. trifft die Mitte
8. Singed Wings
9. Taedium Vitae
10. Unwucht
11. Napolitaine
12. Protz
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