For over 30 years the Smith’s Academy Informer,* founded by John and Margery Styles has chronicled the activities of the Westbrook Band. Originally a printed, quarterly newsletter circulated by post, latterly published online more sporadically, the SAI has kept track of tours, recordings and new projects.

Now that the relaying of up-to-date information is provided by the Social Media and the Diary and Latest News pages on the website, the Informer is free to concentrate on its other function, that of providing a space for reportage and background information.

Re-invented as the WestbrookJazz Notice Board, it will in future set out to give a platform to comment, analysis and in-depth writing on relevant topics. The Notice Board will be published on the website.

Back issues of SAI will continue to be available on the website.
* Why Smith’s Academy?
In 1983, in Glasgow, on tour with the Trio, Mike Westbrook discovered a chord on the piano that changed his musical thinking. He named it ‘The Smith’s Hotel Chord’ after the hotel on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street where the group were staying. The chord and its ramifications formed the basis of After Smith’s Hotel and many subsequent compositions. In time Smith’s Hotel acquired greater status and became Smith’s Academy.
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Kate & Mike Westbrook
Kate and Mike Westbrook