westbrookjazz introduces The WESTBROOK SONGBOOK Kate Westbrook Mike Westbrook selected songs 1970s to 2020s
on audio and in print
each recording comes with a song copy
available to download
piano arrangements by Mike Westbrook
edited and type set by Mike Fowler
consultant Fiachra Trench
series editor Chris Topley
Clio's Cosmetics
click the above link to buy the sheet music and track on Bandcamp
from Pier Rides
based on the nine muses of Classical Greece
words               music
Kate Westbrook    Mike Westbrook
recorded version from the
Kate Westbrook/Mike Westbrook Duo album STAGE SET
full album available to download on Bandcamp

original version on the album PIERIDES by The Dance Band
available on CD and download from Westbrook Records on Bandcamp
Clio's Cosmetics sheet music
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