Octopus's Garden
Mike Westbrook Band
Alan Wakeman
Mike Westbrook
Kate Westbrook
Andy Grappy
Brian Godding
John Winfield
Peter Whyman
After Abbey Road
photos: Kevin McDonnell *
Kate Westbrook, John Winfield (voices)
Peter Whyman, Alan Wakeman (saxophones)
Brian Godding (guitar) Andy Grappy (tuba) Peter Fairclough (drums)
Mike Westbrook (piano)
"Westbrook's faithful and wonderfully good humored rendition of The Beatles'
1969 album 'ABBEY ROAD' underscores its music-hall whimsy and ravishing melodies.
The Beatles purists I have played it for are as delighted as I am."
Gary Giddins - Village Voice
"John Lennon, the most progressive of The Beatles, would have been delighted
... a real adventure on the borderlines between pop and jazz."
Manfred Schmidt - Stereo Magazine, Germany 'CD of the Month'
A quirky marriage of rock, vaudeville and jazz improvisation… Westbrook
finds unexpected depths in over familiar songs.’ Clive Davis - The Times
After Abbey Road on Film
Octopus's Garden
Oh! Darling
Oh! Darling
Mike Westbrook Band
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*photos: Kevin McDonnell
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Mike Westbrook Band
A F T E R   A B B E Y   R O A D
Composer Mike Westbrook and his band present their exuberant
deconstruction of The Beatles iconic Abbey Road album

Peter Fairclough
Mike Westbrook